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Wedding Photo Booth Hire Sydney

Hiring a Photobooth at your wedding is can provide hours of fun and entertainment for you and your guests and leave you with a collection of memorable photos to cherish forever.

Having your wedding logo or names at the top or bottom of each strip will be a real keepsake for your guests. At Pick A Pose, we will offer you the unlimited double strips, and one attendant will be there to assist you.

The keepsake photos are the primary reason to hire a wedding photo booth rental for the wedding reception in Sydney. However, it is not the only reason, photo booths do more than take pictures.

They promote interaction between guests who do not know each other. They entertain every age group. The photo booths capture a special composite portrait of their pleasant reception.


Add More into Your Wedding With a Photo Booth

Pick A Pose specializes in providing superior wedding photo booth hire services in Sydney. We aim to offer our clients excellent value for money. Our expert team of photo booth attendants make sure that every guest has best time and fun. We guide our clients during their event, right from the start of the event to the after event services.

How a Wedding Photo Booth Sydney Adds Ups into Your Wedding?

Wedding photo booths are in demand over the last few years, and while they may not be a requirement, they are a great addition to your wedding or reception. From providing guests with fun to leaving you and the groom with funny photos to look back on, they really can benefit your wedding event. Here are reasons to hire a photo booth at your wedding.

  • Encourages people to relax, get wacky and have some fun with photos

  • You will catch pictures of natural laughter and good times.

  • Wedding photo booths offer a high-quality camera, professional lighting and a variety of backgrounds


Hire a Wedding Photo Booth Sydney

Are you Planning a Wedding or reception? And you may be wondering what you can do to make sure everyone has the best and most memorable time. The answer is simple: Connect with  Pick A Pose to make your event even more unique and memorable.
Wedding photo booth hire in Sydney, at your wedding offers fun, those special, unforgettable moments of you and your guests captured forever with a photo.


Our wedding photo booths is fun for all ages and the photos make great party favours that your guests will love and remember for a lifetime.
So, hire our wedding photo booth Sydney and get ready to pose with multiple props, touch the screen and get the high-quality photos.


Contact Pick A Pose to Get AFFORDABLE Wedding Photo Booth Sydney

To make your event more memorable, there is nothing as fun as a photo booth. With our years of experience with photo booths, you can be sure that you will get the most personal, extreme, hilarious and amazing photos that you often miss.

Pick A Pose photo booths are a must have for every party, with a variety of astonishing props to choose from. Contact us today to choose from our advanced photo booth to make your occasion eventful.

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