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What is a Photobooth? 

Photobooths are basically a large box of fun in which the photos are taken behind the curtain so you can go crazy and have those extra fun photos taken. We also have Open Air style Photobooths without the curtain  so you can stand in front of a back drop which allows you to have heaps of your friends in each photo – fantastic for larger events or if you just want more space to be creative in. We have a range of photo booth styles for you to choose from.  We have Open Air Photobooths, Closed Photobooths as well as  kids size Photobooths. With the photobooths, 3 or 4 photos are taken in each session and within seconds they are printed out as 2 x strips of photos with your event details printed on the top or bottom.

How do I work out how many hours to hire?

Everyone is different, and the amount of time you hire us for would also depend on whether you want photos or photos and videos. However, the average would be 20-30 prints per hour, to allow time for guests to position themselves in the booth, take their photos and receive their prints. With our experience we can quickly tell you the minimum and maximum time you’d need to allow all your guests to experience our Photobooth at your event, just discuss with us the number of guests and what features you’d like in your package.

As a general rule of thumb, most weddings will be booking our 5 hour Diamond Package of unlimited photos and video messages, with the ability for approx 100-150 sessions (people usually pose in pairs). Often guests will want to pose with their partner and then friends, so make sure you allow for enough time to let everyone experience the booth. Additional hours are a great way to ensure everyone gets to have a great time without the time pressure. You can also purchase additional hours if needed.

How many photos can I take? 

All packages include unlimited photos so you and your guests can be snap happy for the duration of your event!

Our venue have several flights of stairs, is this a problem? 

Due to the size and weight of our Classic Photbooth, it can be difficult to transport up a flight of stairs. Disability access such as a ramp or lift is required. However our Open Photobooths or Signature Photobooths we have can be carried upstairs, which are great alternatives in these situations.  Please let us know when booking your event if your venue is located upstairs.

Our team will do a site inspection for venues we have not worked at (once booking has been confirmed) prior to the event to ensure we will have access If we are unable to provide our services due to the location being unable to accommodate our equipment, your deposit will be fully refunded.

Can the Photobooth go outside?

Yes, most definitely! However if the weather conditions are wet and rainy, the booth will need to be in a covered and protected area.

Do you require a power source?

Yes, a 240 volt power source is necessary for the booth. If there is no power source available, we can at an additional cost supply a generator.

Does an attendant stay with the photobooth?

 There will always be at least 1 attendant.

How long does it take to set up the Photo Booth?

All our Photo Booths are easy to set up and depending on the type of Photo Booth, it would generally take 30 to 50 mins to set up. 

How do I make a booking?

Please contact us via phone or by email. Once we have received your booking form, we will check availability and get back to you to collect a deposit.

What happens if there is a technical issue with the photobooth? 

There will be at least 1 attendant to make sure everything runs smoothly. 

Does the attendant require a meal?

If an event is over 2 hours, please supply the attendant with a meal, if you have booked an attendant. Please notify the venue manager that there will  be an attendant and that a meal is required. The night can be long and there are not always food outlets available for us to purchase food, so a meal supplied by the venue is very much appreciated.

What payment option are available for deposit and remaining balance?

Please make a payment through following options

Direct Deposit into nominated bank account


Bank cheque

Personal cheque (must allow 7 working days to clear)

Do I need to make a deposit?


To secure your chosen date and time for your event there is a $200 non-refundable deposit required at the time of booking your event and the outstanding amount must be paid 10 business days prior to your event. 

Props - Are Props included in the packages? 

Yes, A great selection of props are included with all packages to bring out the fun and wild side of even your most reserved guests. Now, that’s guaranteed fun for all ages.

What area do you service? 

Sydney Metro & Wollongong 

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